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Comprehensive Advocacy Package B


Designed for parents seeking the best educational plan for their child without the overwhelming burden of self-advocacy, this package offers the most comprehensive advocacy service with no compromises. Retaining the services of a professional advocate ensures your child's best interests are prioritized, and all aspects are meticulously managed from start to finish.

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Due to the unique nature of each situation, individualized pricing is required for Package B. Our mission is to support all families, regardless of socio-economic status. We simply ask if your child is on the "free & reduced lunch program" to determine eligibility for reduced fees. Your assurance is sufficient for us to begin our partnership, as trust is our foundation. 

Remote Advocacy Services

Leveraging advanced AI technology, including Google Meet and other virtual communication tools, we provide seamless support to parents and school intervention teams nationwide. Our remote approach enhances focus and communication by minimizing distractions often present in physical meetings. This method has proven effective across various business sectors and has become a standard practice in educational settings, especially post-COVID-19.

Regardless of your location, having an experienced educational advocate on your side is crucial. This service is ideal for those in regions where finding in-person advocacy is challenging or when scheduling conflicts arise. Our virtual support ensures you receive the same comprehensive guidance as if we were physically present, making Package B a valuable investment in your child's education.

With our insider knowledge, you will communicate more effectively with your child’s school, fostering a stronger, more supportive relationship for your child. Rest assured, with an experienced advocate working on your behalf, you can focus on other important matters with peace of mind.

For lighter cases or specific tasks, we also offer hourly services.

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